In the past decade, the list of drugs banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has grown to over 100.

WADA list includes androgens, “peptide hormones, growth factors and related substances,” hormone antagonists and modulators, diuretics and other masking agents, stimulants, narcotics, cannabinoids, alcohol, glucocorticoids, beta-agonists, and beta-blockers . 
It also includes different prohibited methods of enhancement including oxygen transfer, chemical and physical manipulation, and gene doping. (See “Non-hormonal performance enhancement”.) Clinicians caring for competitive athletes should be aware of doping regulations, as some banned drugs may be taken for medical purposes (eg, beta-blockers, diuretics, 5-alpha- reductase inhibitors). Although athletes are responsible for informing clinicians that they are subject to doping restrictions, they may not realize that they are taking a substance that is prohibited. 
Clinicians should consider reviewing drug and/or supplement use to determine if an athlete is taking a banned substance. ————————————————- Double tap if you agree And tag your friends ————————————————- Info by : Dr Alireza Nikoo – member of martial art fedration of ir.iran – Member of education and treatment of sports medicine federation – Head of medical team at oxygen – Sports Supplement consultant