About Dr. Alireza Nikoo


3I was born and raised in Tehran. Due to my fathers links with many national athletes, I grew up surrounded by professional  players. These people had a great influence on me and taught me everything I know about discipline and hard work.

I attended my local state school where I had a passion for biology and chemistry and obviously a hunger for any-type of sports which was available to me.

At university I spent seven years studying Pharmaceutical Sciences, at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Colleague of Tehran. I still retained my passion for sports, and I therefore obtained several personal training qualifications alongside my studies. I filled any extra time I had available working night shifts at several Pharmacies.

My dissertation was based on doping within athletics. This led me to gain membership of the Iranian Sports Medicine Federation and Doping Agency. My membership of this federation led me to develop several contacts with Iranian athletes and sports federations, who entrusted me with consultation on their sports supplements requirement. I added to my expertise in sports supplements by attending a three month course in the University of Manchester on ‘The use of drugs and supplements in sports’.

After becoming a qualified pharmacists (Pharm.D) I wanted to gain a better understanding of how I could practically use my knowledge and academic skills so I decided to study an MBA at Tehran University Business School.

This business knowledge gave me confidence to accept a close friends (Amir Hossein Farzaneh) offer to help found a company called Oxygen Group. The Oxygen Group is the Middle Easts most premium gym brand, and over the last four years I have been its Medical Director developing its medical team which gives medical and advice and support to all members including olympic gold medal athletes, CEO’s and celebrities.

Over the past year I have been developing a brand, Dr Nikoo. I plan for this to be the first step in developing my own business.

Please refer bellow for my qualifications, publications and speeches.